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Welcome to our 6th Fashion Show. Twenty breast cancer patients will model clothes available in the Grand Arcade at a Fashion Show in aid of Addenbrooke’s Breast Cancer Appeal.

Natalie Emuss

Mum of two, Natalie Emuss is a dedicated supporter of the Addenbrooke’s Breast Cancer Appeal. Natalie and her husband Paul have been raising funds for the Addenbrooke’s Breast Cancer Appeal since 2014 and they continue to fundraise to help make a difference for future patients. Natalie has organised annual Fashion Show fundraising events since 2014 raising £38,000.00 so far. Since 2016 she has collaborated with Jennifer Mason to successfully hold larger fashion shows at the Grand Arcade in Cambridge.

Jennifer Mason

Jenny teamed up with Natalie Emuss, utilising all her retail know-how, to create and produce the show. Models who are either undergoing treatment or have survived breast cancer, walk down the catwalk in pieces lent from several passionate retail neighbours that Jenny has brought onboard. The show is incredibly inspiring and is an annual highlight within the centre.

Jennifer Mason & Natalie Emuss - Cambridge Breast Cancer Appeal Fashion Show

Jennifer Mason & Natalie Emuss

2018 Fashion Show

The 2018 Fashion Show was dedicated to our dear friend Becky Hadfield who we lost in January 2018. Becky modelled in our 2016 show and was a huge part of our breast cancer family. She was keen to raise awareness and continued to fundraise throughout her illness. Becky will always have a special place in our hearts. Our love to Becky’s family and friends.

What We Achieved

Over the years, funds raised from the Addenbrooke’s Breast Cancer Appeal has helped renovate quiet rooms, buy specialist ultrasound scanners, support cutting-edge research programme to help make treatment more targeted and effective. In 2016, we raised £10,465.00 with the help of all our generous sponsors and supporters. This went towards the purchase of the Addenbrooke’s Breast Unit Specimen X ray equipment. With this equipment, biopsies can be performed in less time and to higher safety standards. This means less distress for patients while they undergo a biopsy procedure and, at the same time, allow more patients to be diagnosed more quickly. In 2017, we raised £8,157.80 and in 2018 we raised an incredible £11,125.57.